About Us

About Us

Our company is a charity working in the state of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia to link up charitable lawyers with individuals searching for legal advice, who are not eligible for legal aid and cannot easily afford to support them. Philadelphia Lawyers understand the know-how landscape, and our legal guidance can help you unearth practical and impressive legal ways to fix the complexities and opportunities that you face. By building legal services high quality, very affordable and on-demand for every corporation, we got you covered.

Capital Maeket

Who Are We?

We are modern law firm. Unlike most law firms, we do not have general legal practice. We specialize in injury damage.

Whether you’re a victim of a slip and fall or medical malpractice claim, we’re happy to help.

Our specialization and experience in the field of injury damage and all that have to do with it, ensure that you are the right address for the best injuries attorney.

Every accident is different, and so are the people who are affected. That’s why your situation is personally reviewed, and we plan on that. Our services include the provision of an intake call, the gathering of all necessary information for a file and the determination of liability. In this way, you can determine which party you have to pay and how high it should be. So we hope that we can help you as much as possible to ease the damage suffered.

We have worked with several individuals to improve their legal experience at an affordable cost.

We pride ourselves on providing quality, timely and jargon-free legal advice to clients, with transparency on fees and competitive rates.

We help our current and future members by:

  • providing support, advice, and guidance on areas of practice and management, tailored to members’ individual needs (Personal Injury, Slip and Falls and Medical Malpractice)
  • aiding equality, array, and accessory within the legal field, making it possible for and motivating the best people to enroll in irrespective of their track record
  • campaigning on legal issues of importance to our members and the public

Our Values

Everything we accomplish is driven by our charges which are usually to be member centered, to always act with value and to work collaboratively. We are now devoted to demonstrating these benefits in our daily decision making and through how we measure success.

What We Stand For

Quality, service and professional fulfillment are of great importance to us. To achieve this, an excellent working atmosphere and clear communications are the keys.

We don’t refer to quality as a coincidence, but preferably is the result of a combined effort.