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Experience is at the heart of effective divorce representation. The benefits of divorce mediation are many, but the most valuable benefit is having far more personal control over the outcome. When you and your partner agree to sit at the divorce negotiating table, you will also save a substantial amount of money and eliminate much of the stress that accompanies a court hearing. Also, a qualified Kirkland divorce attorney will help keep you focused if negotiations become challenging.


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Many people facing a divorce are eager to find out how much a lawyer will cost before they take that difficult first step. You can call my Kirkland Office right now at 425-822-6510 and get a firm estimate on how much professional divorce representation will cost. You can also take advantage of a free divorce consultation, so that you can arm yourself with valuable information that will help you with your decision making process.

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Sometimes, divorce mediation fails and there is no other option than to go to court. If this happens our specialized divorce attorney Kirkland fully prepared to battle it out in court to protect your interests, and that of your family.

Many clients are eager to find out how much money professional legal representation is going to cost before they take their first step toward a divorce. If you would like to get an accurate quote from a qualified divorce lawyer, call my Kirkland office right now at 425-822-6510 and I will provide you with detailed information about our services and affordable legal fees.�?

If you want affordable, fair, experienced legal representation from a qualified Kirkland divorce attorney, we are ready to show you why many of his previous and current clients are referrals.

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