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October 19, 2020
What to Know Before Getting Married

Being in love with your partner is fantastic and it makes you wish to take the next step. Therefore, it is possible you have wondered by now: ‘Should I get married?’. Nevertheless, even if you have thought about it, there are a few things to consider before marriage. Certainly, there are legal things to know before getting married; however, there are some aspects of this type of commitment that couples should be aware of in order to be ready before deciding to tie the knot.

What to Know Before Getting Married
What to Know Before Getting Married

Things to Consider Before Marriage

If you want to know if you and your partner are ready for this commitment, continue reading to find out what to know before getting married.

1. Feeling “In Love” Is Not for a Lifetime

Even if there are times when you and your partner feel as if you were the perfect match, not feeling that way from time to time is unavoidable. Therefore, it is essential that you focus on the values that you identify as a couple instead of trying to preserve the feelings you believe you should feel for a lifetime.

2. Your Spouse Will Not Complete You

Focusing on yourself without being selfish is crucial in a marriage. Having a balance of separateness and togetherness in the relationship is one of the most important elements of every strong and solid couple. Therefore, if you are already wondering ‘should we get married?’, make sure that both of you are aware of this aspect before getting married.

3. Problems Are Unavoidable

One of the most important things about what to know before getting married is that conflict will occur at some point. Despite how perfect your partner might seem to you now, there will be arguments in your marriage. Commonly, most of the things that discomfort you from your partner will be related to your own insecurities and vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is important to recognize your role in the conflict and do your best to communicate with your partner and address the problem in a healthy manner.

Even if you do not think about divorce before getting married, consider there is always a possibility of things not working out. If things went wrong in your marriage and you decided to get divorced, you would both need to be civil. For instance, if you needed to arrange a parenting plan with your partner, dealing with the child support process would be less difficult with someone who you could talk to respectfully despite the conflict.

4. Be Sure to Know Your Expectations

In most cases, we expect a lot from only one person. For instance, we expect our partners to be a companion, a passionate lover, a good friend, a good parent, etc. However, it is very unlikely that your future spouse meets with all these expectations perfectly. Therefore, make sure to be aware of your expectations and find out if your partner agrees with you.

Should I Get Married
Should I Get Married

5. Express Love to Your Partner

Research has found that stable and happy marriages tend to have around five more positive interactions than negative ones. These positive interactions are not necessarily about giving each other expensive gifts or making complicated plans together, but just doing nice things for your partner that show them how much you care about them.

6. Make Sure to Know Your Partner’s Family Relationships

Being able to talk with your partner about your experience with your family is crucial in a relationship, as this creates a deep level of trust with your future spouse. Moreover, many of the patterns we live in our families tend to resurface or repeat in marriage. Therefore, finding out if your partner was close or distant with their family is one of the most important aspects of what to know before getting married.

Deciding whether you will have an intimate wedding or not can help with seeing how important family is to your partner.

7. Do Not Give Up Easily

Make sure to see conflict as an opportunity to grow as a couple and not as a reason to give up on your marriage. Unless you experience intolerable behavior or abuse, try to communicate with your partner and work things through.

Keep in mind that having arguments is part of every relationship and you can solve conflicts in a safe, healthy way. For instance, discussing with your future spouse about wedding plans is crucial, just like picking the perfect wedding venue is for your wedding. Nevertheless, having disagreements from time to time does not always lead to a breakup.

8. Keep Your Partner’s Finances in Mind

For some couples, money can be an uncomfortable topic and even a reason to start the divorce process. Therefore, it is important to decide in advance what the best way to manage your finances will be, in order to avoid feeling controlled or insecure. Make sure to disclose your financial situations and talk about them with your partner before getting married.

9. Set Limits with Your Partner

Talking about and agreeing on what would represent a betrayal to you and your partner is crucial. Unacceptable behavior differs from one person to another; therefore, make sure to talk to your partner to avoid critical misunderstandings in the future. Both of you must be honest and express your personal boundaries. Knowing your future spouse’s limits and values is another of the most important aspects of what to know before getting married.

Before Getting Married
Before Getting Married

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